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Rae & Audrey


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RAE (RAY): Sunlight. To radiate. Beam of light. Energy. Warmth. AUDREY: (n) /’aw-dree/: Strength. Classic. Timeless. Gentle. Own muse.


Rae & Audrey represents strong Australian and International brands that are leaders in the industry.

We are conscious of working with brands that are sustainably minded. Brands that are making a conscious effort to produce high quality garments, that can be loved beyond the occasion for many seasons to come.

Considered designs, production and fabrications at the forefront of a carefully curated brand mix.

We are collaborating and working with brands who represent the movement towards slow fashion. Avoiding fast-fashion, mass production and focusing more on sustainable practices, such as longevity, versatility and natural fibres where possible.

At Rae & Audrey we want to help build a timeless curated wardrobe of durable, lasting, high-quality pieces. With the notion of each piece becoming a much-loved keep sake.

Each piece holding meaning to you.

The store

The elevated space was created to have a sense of warmth, creativity, and reliability.

With a beautiful combination of modern and Mediterranean interior, the store has a mix of design principles and elements that give the space purpose and feeling.

The space has imperfect textures, raw materials and organic movement and light, displaying an earthy colour palette with a modern natural feel.

A mix of timbers, curved lines, textures, and contrast ensure a welcoming experience and embody the Rae & Audrey brand.


Georgia graduated with a Bachelor in Fashion. Georgia is a qualified Fashion Designer, Visual Merchandiser, and Stylist.

She is committed to representing and collaborating with brands that are leaders in the industry. Conscious brands who wish to strive better in creating and leaving a world more beautiful than the way we found it.

A LOVE NOTE: Rae and Audrey is an extension of me. She is a part of my identity. – It is with so much pleasure I share with you my beautiful store, whether in person or here, this place has been carefully curated with so much love and care.

With love, Georgia x

Behind the Brand

RAE (RAY): Sunlight. To radiate.
Beam of light. Energy. Warmth.

AUDREY: (n) /’aw-dree/: Strength.
Classic. Timeless. Gentle. Own muse.

Rae & Audrey both have meaning and purpose to Owner Georgia.

Rae & Audrey was first presented in a design class she studied at university, the two words were built from a style and lifestyle Georgia loves with a focus on resort wear and
elevated staples.

Rae (Ray), which represents sunshine, light and warmth.

Audrey was the connotation and connection to being confident, effortless, and timeless, with a soft homage to Audrey Hepburn who embodied the above and strongly believed in being her own muse.  

Audrey also means ‘noble strength’,
which has a personal meaning to Georgia and is a node to herself.

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