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Behind the Name

RAE (RAY): Sunlight. To radiate. Beam of light. Energy. Warmth. Protection.

AUDREY: (n) /’aw-dree/: Strength. Classic. Timeless. Gentle. Own muse.

Rae & Audrey both have meaning and purpose to Owner Georgia. Through research and brainstorming, Rae & Audrey was first presented in a design class she studied at university, the two words were built from a style and lifestyle Georgia loves with a resort focus.

Rae is the feminine of Ray, which represents sunshine, light and warmth. Audrey was the connotation and connection to being confident, effortless, and timeless, with a soft homage to Audrey Hepburn who embodied the above and being her own muse.  

Audrey also means Strength, which has a personal meaning to Georgia and is a node to herself.